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Application Instructions for International Students (2023 Autumn Semester)

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Application Instructions for International Students (2023 Autumn Semester)

I. Eligibility

Undergraduate Student Eligibility

l High school graduates or present college students.

l New HSK Level-4 with 180 points or above for applicants of non-Chinese majors.

Postgraduate Student Eligibility

l Bachelor's degree or above

l New HSK Level-5 with 180 points

Chinese Language Training Students Eligibility

l Middle school graduates or above

II. Majors

See attached

III. Application Materials

l Copy of passport

l Application form (see attachment)

l Scanning copy of high school diploma and transcripts, or a certificate from the University you are currently studying at

l HSK certificate (if available)

l Two recommendations from professors (for postgraduate applicants only)


l If you have an employment history, please provide your proof of employment stamped with the official seal of your present employer.

l If you plan to bring your spouse or child under 18 years old to China, you should provide your marriage certificate or the birth certificate of your child notarized by a Chinese embassy or consulate.

IV. Tuition

Undergraduate Tuition

l Liberal Arts: RMB 12,400/year

l Science & Engineering: RMB 13,400/year

l Programs of School of Architecture: RMB 16,000/year

l Programs of School of Music and Dance: RMB 16,000/year

Postgraduate Tuition

l Liberal Arts: RMB 21,000/year

l Science & Engineering: RMB 25,000/year

Chinese Language Training Tuition

l Long term: RMB 12,400/year

l Short term: RMB 6,200/semester

Application fee

l Chinese Language Traning: RMB300

l Undergraduate: RMB300

l Postgraduate: RMB400

International Dormitory Facilities

Yantai University has a pleasant international student residence hall on campus. All dormitory rooms equipped with a private bathroom, water heater, radiator, and a TV come with a bed, desk, desk chair, bookcase, other daily necessities, and a full set of bedding for each person.




(South Facing)


(North Facing)


(South Facing)


(North Facing)


Price (Yuan per person per semester)






V. Scholarship

For more information, please email ytustudents@163.com.

VI. Application Deadline

Please apply before June 15th

VII. Registration Time

The autumn semester will start on August 29th.

VIII. Contact Us

Address: Room 111, School of International Education, Yantai University, 30 Qingquan Road, Laishan District, Yantai, Shandong, China, (264005)

Phone: +86-535-690-2271

Fax: +86-535-670-1513

Email: ytustudents@163.com

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