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The applicant can apply on ytu.at0086.cn/student


Undergraduate Student Eligibility

l High school graduates or present college students.

l New HSK Level-4 with 180 points or above for applicants of non-Chinese majors.

Postgraduate Student Eligibility

l Bachelor's degree or above

l New HSK Level-5 with 180 points

Chinese Language Training Students Eligibility

l Middle school graduates or above

Application Materials

l Copy of your passport

l Completed Application form

l Scanned copies of your high school diploma and transcripts, or a certificate from the university you are currently studying at

l Any HSK certificates you currently hold

l Certificate of Non-criminal Record

l Physical Examination Record for Foreigner

l Bank statement (balance over RMB 10,000 for language students and over RMB 30,000 for academic degree students)

l Two recommendations from your previous professors (for postgraduate applicants only)


l If you have work experience, please provide proof related to your present or previous employment.

l If there are children under 18 years old accompanying you, then please provide a proof of their relationship to you that has been notarized by your local Chinese embassies or consulate, for example a copy of their birth certificate.

l All materials must be issued in Chinese or English.

Application Deadline

l Autumn semester: July 10th

l Spring semester: December 30th

Application Processing and Applying for a Student Visa

l First, the university will examine your application materials.

l If accepted, the university will send you a “Letter of Acceptance” and “Visa Application For Study in China” (JW202).

l The applicant student need to go to the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate to apply for a student entry visa with the “Letter of Acceptance” and “Visa Application For Study in China” (JW202) .

l Students should register on time, according to the time noted on their “Letter of Acceptance”.

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